Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sometimes Boring is Good, too

Bennie doing his best to look dignified, or as dignified as one can look wearing a flotation device.

A dog.  Nothing says love or safety more than a dog, unless it's my friend, Bri.

Bri, is my friend who waltzes into town every so often, takes me out and wines and dines me, then scuffles back to his well-paid federal engineering job three hours north of the Black Hills.

Why haven't I blogged about him?

The same reason I don't blog about how cool my clothes line is, or how fascinating my can-opener or dish-drainer are.

Is it true that some things that are good for you are not worth mentioning?  Or am I guilty of settling for complacency?

He's tall.  He's got a great smile.  He rides a sweet Harley.  He's good to his children and dotes faithfully on his mother.  I'm sure he uses anti-bacterial soap and flosses religiously.

But he's also an engineer, so he makes cornier than hell jokes, sometimes does alarmingly uncool things like tucks his shirt in and wears "rally" shirts.  But he's also got washboard abs and pretty lips.

And he's a work-a-holic.  Which is why I don't see him more often, but I know he likes me.

Maybe sometimes boring is good, too.  Stay tuned, more later if I don't fall asleep first.  Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z.

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