Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Apologies, pt. II--Here's to More Douche-baggery

A storm brewing on the Utah horizon that Dooders and I watched roll in while we were on Antelope Island.

Speaking of storms.

So I was on Facebook this morning just trolling around, and I saw Crackie's page.

I was wondering lately why he's been blowing me off.  1. he was supposed to come up to my party and spend the weekend at my house last month but blew me off at the last minute saying it "was too cold to drive" 30 miles up from Custer, whatever.  2. And I asked him via e-mail for advice on what to do with the guy I have been in "Like" with for years, up until everything went weird over a week ago and ended, but haven't heard squat from Crackie.

Well, there's an update as of October on his page.  It said, "In a complicated relationship."  WTF.  I mean, are you kidding me?

Three years ago when he broke my heart it was because he "couldn't do a relationship any more" due to his "depression."  Really?  So I got over it, because I believed him.  When the reality of it was he wasn't that into me.  OK.  Double rejection, re-surfacing like a turd bobbing up to the surface.

We talked about two weeks ago for about an hour and a half on the phone, and I do NOT recall him telling me he was in a "complicated relationship."  What's with all my dudes OMITTING crucial information?

Here's example of NON-crucial information you need not update your friends with: laundry, the fact that you made egg salad sandwiches, a shoelace torn in half, a particularly good, satisfying bowel movement.  We don't need to know.

But uh, the fact that you're married (remember Big pulled that one in '09), in a "complicated relationship," engaged or in a relationship that the OTHER person doesn't know about, well, that's the shit you need to fess up.

You can  betcha that I called him on it.  I sent him an email saying, "I'm 100% sure you didn't tell me this little nugget the other day.  Fess up."  And a "Let's see, if I remember, you said you 'couldn't do a relationship' anymore because of your 'issues'."

I'm gonna rip his head off when I hear from him.

I'm so fucking mad at these lies-of-omissions.

Can you really, truly be just friends with someone you used to or still do have a crush on?  I'm not so sure anymore.

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