Thursday, January 9, 2014

Double Douchebag Night, Test-time and Boundaries

Right into the shitter.  That was my"date" last night, who as it turns out, was full of shit.

I never heard from him all day about our dinner-date until I decided to make other plans and was dining with a friend when he texted me that it'd been a long day, and that he only had gotten one hour sleep because his business partner kept him up all night in the hotel with his snoring, but that he hoped he'd get better sleep tonight since he booked his own room.  Bemusedly, I sent him a text-laugh then asked him if he still wanted to get together.  He said he most certainly did, but that he was still with his clients.  No biggie.  He's here for business.


I told him I'd ONLY be downtown an hour, maybe two, because it was getting late (almost 8 p.m.).  He pleaded to see me, so we agreed we'd meet within the hour at a place downtown next to where his clients were.

He looked dashing, by the way, amazingly handsome.  We chatted about ten minutes, and I could tell he was tired.  Maybe we'd just chat and have a few drinks, I presumed since dinner was out of the question.  He told me he had left his clients back at the bar, and he had to drive one of them home, but that he just had to see me, which was sweet.  He told me he would drive this guy home and then text me.  So, 15 min. later I get this text:

"Well, I got my client back to his home, and I'm back at my hotel, room 715.  Nothing sexual of course.  Maybe watch some TV.  I'm just so tired.  Your call."

Seriously?  I mean, wtf really?  Who would suggest that other than a douchebag?  That's a good idea like children taking candy from strangers is a good idea, like going to a bar topless, or perhaps camping in bear country and keeping a nice bag of Snickers tucked under your pillow is a good idea.  Why not camp in Yellowstone with a couple packages of bacon in your tent?  Yeah, good idea, pal.


So we texted back and forth, me bringing up that it was late.  Then I wondered if he was just stupid and wasn't even thinking of sex, when I came up with a little test since allegedly, he wanted to see me every night he was here in town.  I told him it was late and I would just go home.  Then once I got home, I texted him that it was at least good to see him for a short while, but that I was very glad I got home OK since it was very slick outside and I almost bailed several times.  Not true, by the way. 

Now here's the test.  If a guy is really into you, he's all about you (which this guy appeared to be until the visiting him in his hotel room idea).  He cares about what you think, and he cares about your safety.  If he really DID like me, he'd comment about me getting home safely.  He really would.

Instead, he said that it was again my call, and that if I was bored, he was still in his hotel lobby and I could come back downtown and visit with him.

Epic.  Fail.

If he was really into me, he wouldn't want me riding my bike on the ice, now would he?  ME, go back out to see him? 

Sigh.  So many guys, so many douchebags.  Thanks, Universe for spinning this one out very quickly.

Dating these days involves constant tests, boundary-building, safety walls, pits with poison-stakes at the bottom.
But do not worry, kiddies, you always have me lookin' out for us.

Stay tuned.

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