Monday, March 30, 2015

Passion, Another Bold Move on My Part

Now let me tell you about Big D, for Donny Story.

At my other job at the gym, I've been crushing on this biker boy who's so scalding hot, that I can't think straight when he comes in to work out.  He looks like Chad Kroger from Nickleback.

So anyways, I'm too tongue-tied around him to get many conversations going.  But I see him looking at me, and he told me he liked my hair a couple weeks ago so there might be some interest down the line.

So the other day I saw a poster advertising a motorcycle show downtown and suddenly it came to me.  He possibly might be there.  Manifest.  Make it happen.  Believe.  DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day came, and I hopped on my bicycle and headed down the bike path towards the Civic Center where it was being held.  Lo and behold I run right into D on the bike path, apparently to let his dogs out of his jeep for a walk.  And was I smooth or what.

Me: Heeey, just the man I wanted to see. (slowing my bicycle to stop and as smooth as The Fonz)
D: Oh yeah?  (looking pleased and totally surprised)
Me: I figured you'd be at the bike show.
D: How'd you know I have a bike?
Me: (smiles)
D: I actually have a bike entered!  It's right when you walk in.  I got a big display.
Me: See you there (and I take off on my bicycle without giving him  a second to think)

When I get there, I roam around looking at motorcycles.  I see him outta the corner of my eye looking around for me.  I take my sweet time going over there.  When I get there, he's got a school teacher lady-friend (he's a 4th grade teacher/biker) there who must have told him she'd come to visit him at the bike show.

He talks about his ride, then asks me and this other chick if we want to cruise around and look at the other bikes.  We do, but at one point his friend is talking to him about something, but the whole time Donny is looking at me like he's not even listening.  You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.  She splits.  And then I hang out another hour with Donny, then I take a bold move.

Right before I tell him that I'm going to leave, I say, "I'd love for you to take me riding.  Let me give you my number."  He says "Sure!"

Then, later on that night he texts me: "Hey, Natalie, this is Donny.  Just sayin hi."  I truly felt I'd died and gone to heaven.

We texted a little back and forth, and I said I would stop by the bike show the next day when they gave out the awards.

The next day, his bike took best of show!  I felt like his old lady, and that was pretty hot.  Then he says, "Stick around and help me tear down my display and I'll give ya a ride."  Did he have to ask twice?  Hell no.  We went for a ride and the whole time, I rested my rack against his back, heh, heh.  Then once the ride was over and I was home, I sent him a flirty text, and he flirted right back.

Now it's been two weeks, and it's nothing but crickets.  He texted me twice but only about the gym hours=lame.

Either he's busy or playing hard-to-get or isn't interested any more.  Haven't seen him at the gym since March 7th.  WTF?

Meh.  It doesn't even matter.  I'm so proud of how cool and smoothster I was.

Plus, there's a new cute dude on the horizon who's the best kisser on the planet.  Two dates in.  Dead Serious.  Let the good times roll and the games begin.  All I'm gonna hint at is never-say-never, folks.  Never say never.

UPDATE: It never went anywhere, but it was sure fun.

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