Monday, April 27, 2015

TWO Nebraska dudes=duds

The time/date stamp on here isn't working.  This post old news from February.  Sorry.  Nothing new here.


What?  A date with a normal guy who's cute?

Say it's not so.

Or say that's me talking into an old, defunct, 1940's bakealight phone set outside an abandoned mine.  Yup, that's about right.

So I finally heard back from the Nebraska Dude who took me out the first weekend after Thanksgiving; he was the dude who brought me flowers, took me to a very high end restaurant, held my hand, was a total gentleman and told me he really liked me, then proceeded to completely disappear until after New Year's, then make plans to take me out, then disappeared again.

Only to find that when I texted him a week ago, that he'd found a girlfriend after all.

Easy come.  Easy go.  At least he had the class to wish me luck and call me "a real sweetheart."  3-stars.

Last Friday, I was supposed to go out with another nerd from Nebraska, but after talking to me only 30 min. on the phone, texted me early Friday morning, that he didn't think we had anything in common, (aka, doesn't want to spend the money on dinner.)  I mean, really?  That equates a cheapskate, so I'm glad he bailed early enough for me to make other happy hour arrangements.

Now, there's another ner, I mean, potential local guy who's texting me.  He also has his masters like me, is creative, but oddly has "smokes occasionally" box checked on his website.  What do I know?  Here, in this forever-stuck-in-1985 city, nothing passe shocks me.  I suspect this one has some Tom Foolery, so I'll keep you posted.

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