Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The clouds parted then God showed the world the universe.

Yup.   Kiddies, I've had some good dates lately.  Stop and sit down.  TT know that there is hope.

This one dude asked me out via online and he's a retired colonel.  Yup, since I've had a brush with felons these days, I researched him.  Everything was legit.  He wasn't hot, but he was cute and nice.

Big sigh of relief.

And, I forgot to tell you about Big Al who is the liquor store guy I've been flirting with for months and has nothing at all to do with online dating.  He kinda reminds me of John Goodman when he played "Dan" on "Rosanne," in a good way, a good old boy who knows how to dress and wear his hair yet still be down to earth.  A biker but with a brain and a heart of gold

See, it works sometimes!  Al even accepted my Facebook request tonight.

Things CAN WORK dating-wise, when you are older or if you are young and online dating, my kiddies, but you must be PATIENT and willing to wait YEARS.  That's the shitty part that no one want to hear.  That you might wait years and years, but it DOES happen.

There's so much more I'd like to share, but I'm not jinxing it. 

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