Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year, alone

Well, I've been remiss in my posting, and am promising to get better about that. Oh, and I have an update.

Wouldn't it be great to say, "See this dude in the picture? That's my new boyfriend." Sorry folks. No dice.

BUT I DID finally meet the man from Happy Hour I blogged about after Thanksgiving. He wasn't a dork but was super cool. He was cute, manly, well-liked, and from a group of people who are pretty cool whom I've known for years. It's funny I'd never met him before. Consequently, just when I thought we were hitting it off, he told me he would never marry or fall in love again (since his ex wife of 1993 had broken his heart so badly). His roomie was eavesdropping behind him and mouthed, "Don't listen to him," laughingly trying to reassure me, I guess.

Well, considering he never asked our mutual friends for my number, I would say he was telling the truth. The thing is, you have to really LISTEN to people. You can't change what they're saying, nor can you change them. People can't be "edited." So, shrug.

Then there was a dude I met online who was local and wanted to meet me. Gasp, right? Well, with three years of hell with Cactus Man, I really have got to take it slow, friends first. S--l--O---w---w---w. But this new guy cried over the internet, whined, begged for my number, and guess what? I agreed to give him my number, but before I could do it, he disappeared.

While that happened with "local guy," another interesting guy started writing me from Kansas. He too just disappeared.

You know, I just don't get it. Do people REALLY know what they want? Or do they just tell themselves what they want. The two aren't the same thing.


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