Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Laugher: A New Date with Andy Gibb?

So there may be a new date on the future horizon, and he looks amazingly like Andy Gibb, including the straight nose, pretty teeth (teeth are good) and hair (though his hair resembles Andy's when Andy was going through the "feathered back" phase), which isn't a bad thing, I suppose, especially if you're able to overlook the fact that, that hairstyle went out of style around 1979. He's sent me pics, but I'm in no hurry to meet yet. We're friends on Facebook, and, get this, he lives in town for a change. He's the one a few posts back that I thought had disappeared after whining for my number, but he's actually stuck around.

He seems nice enough. Well-mannered, definitely cute from his pictures. So what's the snag? Well, besides a picture only four years old sporting a Don Johnson style "white blazer and matching pants" on Facebook, and the hair cut circa 1979, there's just one thing.

The Horse Laugh. Aka, the Hyena Laugh.

Let me explain. Laughs should be free and easy, natural, right? And they should be over something funny, like a pun or a joke. Right? No one likes a Fake-Laugher. Andy Gibb look-a-like doesn't have a fake laugh. It's just that he laughs really hard at things that aren't even remotely funny. Let me give you a telephone example.

Andy: So what would you make me if you were cooking me dinner?
Me: Well, that's hard to answer as I like to cook lots of things. Maybe fried chicken.
Andy: Bwahahahahahahahahah, Bwahhahahahahahah
Me: (thinking: what the fuck is so funny?}
Me: (uncomfortable) Uh, yeah. Fried chicken.
Andy: You're so funny!


Andy: So what are you going to do tonight?
Me: Take a bath, maybe get my stuff ready for work tomorrow.
Andy: Bwahahahahahahaha.
Me: (thinking WTF?)

He's not laughing at me. He honestly finds something bone-tickling funny. You gotta look at the big picture. Would getting together with someone like this be funny after 45 min? What about the rest of your life?

When would his constant inappropriate laughter start to get old? Really old?
Get the big picture?


A said...

Hm, maybe fried chicken is funny because you're much more of a gourmet cook than that? Other than that, I don't get it either...and you sure don't want to feel obligated to fake laugh around a guy all the time.

nate said...

LOL. OMG. I should post about the date then.