Friday, January 28, 2011

Shy Guy

Signs that a guy is just not that into you:

1. He doesn't ask for your number.
2. He doesn't call you.

But the big thing, is he doesn't ask for your number, right?

OK, here we go again. Remember a few weeks ago when Paulie invited me to a group get-together/happy hour with mutual friends where that cute and cool guy was? Then we hit it off, but at the end of the night, he never asked for my number!

Well, Paulie tells me tonight that Cute Guy with his roomie might be at happy hour and that I should go. I plan on going, but I wonder what Cute Guy's deal is. Is he just shy or is he not interested in me? It will be weird because since that was weeks ago, he must have by now told his friends either, "I'm not interested in her," or "She's cool." Either way, I do not know. Maybe he's just slow going? He did say that he hasn't really dated much since his ex-wife broke his heart (clear back in 1994!). Could it be he's DONE with women? Or am I just too fat for his taste?

The plot thickens.

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Mommy Needs Vodka said...

The reason doesn't matter. If he can't pick up the phone and call you, there's something wrong with that. Would be ok if he emailed you though, but I'm guessing he didn't.