Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uggs and Sweats, right on!

Tomorrow is happy hour and the start of Spring Break.
Whooo-eee, party!

Paulie and I are going to celebrate and go to Minerva's for happy hour and indulge in a shrimp with white garlic sauce pizza. She said to me on the phone, "Let's look good, Nats. Don't forget to get dolled up and wear your hair extentions." I sighed and agreed to give up my leggings and my Uggs.

Have I mentioned that Paulie is also single but is 8 years younger than me and more hopeful about the dating scene?

I say, "Why waste good lipstick?" Why not go out in my sweats and Uggs?

I read on some blog where a guy was chastising the whole Uggs boot thing, banning them, saying they were ugly on women. I wanted to chirp in, "Let me guess, we should all be wearing corsets and stillettos, right" "F. You."

I miss the comfortable clothing of the 90's. Remember that? Padded shoulders that were figure-friendly? Stretchy leggings, comfortable jeans that didn't give you plumber's crack, over-sized comfy clothes.

I LOVE IT that women are wearing comfortable, practical boots nowadays. But bring back baggy clothes! Bring back the grunge look.


There will be no good looking man-candy, just the regulars like ol' Magnum P.I. sitting at the bar, leering hungrily at Paulie and me (eweeeeeeee). Maybe I'll take pics and post them here?

Guess why I call him Magnum P.I.? Heh, heh. I'll keep ya'll posted.

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