Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Books, What Else?

Well, lets's see. How'd happy hour go? It went great last Friday. Yes, Paulie and I saw Magnum P.I. at the bar. You know what? He really loves his moustache and 1980's leather jacket god bless him.

Top Signs You Really Don't Care about the Opposite Sex Anymore:
1. The thrill of walking into the public library and seeing what new good books are on the shelves beats any thrill of seeing a good-looking guy.

2. You plan your weekend around documentaries and recipes and you look forward to it all week long.

3. You start talking to your dog like he can actually understand you. "Bennie, did I ever tell you about the date with the dude who talked about his weiner? Well, once upon a time there was this beautiful princess, and this toad comes up to her and . . ."

4. You get wildly excited when the grocery store marks down your favorite wine.
and finally,

5. You contemplate which one of your single friends will still be single when you're in your 60's, and which one you could be likely to live with in sort of a Golden Girls fantasy. You also find yourself daydreaming which character you'll most likely be, Betty White or Bea Arthur.

Going back to number one and books. I've been reading a TON lately and digging it immensely. I just finished a great autobiography from Tony Curtis, whom I've always considered the cutest guy in Hollywood. It was moving. Apparently, one of my idols, Mae West, made a horrible film when she was well into her 80's called Sextet, and Tony Curtis was desperate for money so he played her lover, even though he was 30 years her junior. Well, apparently old Mae couldn't seem to remember her lines, so they put an ear piece on her, then would read her lines to her as they filmed when all of a sudden Mae reads her line: "Pile up on 38. Squads cars en route." Everyone stared at her, and she read her line that way again. Tony figured it out and walked off the stage laughing. Apparently, Mae's ear piece was picking up the police station's radio waves, but she thought those were her lines. LOL.

American Prince. I recommend it. It gives you some behind the scenes takes on Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy, Frank Sinatra as well as Tony's complicated life.

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