Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burn out and Babies

I'm so burned out this spring, burning the candles at both ends. I can't WAIT til mid-April when my life really slows down.

And I get a chance to play with Bennie. I have a little specialty backpack I bought last spring if you remember that I put Bennie in, and off we go on my bike down the trail.

I actually read online that teaching has a high rate of burn-out. This, for whatever reason, was shocking to me.

But I think the key to anything is moderation. I took on a lot this winter so I could have some money come this summer and sock away all the rest. The root canal of 2008 dug a giant hole in my "summertime savings account."

I just gotta keep on, keeping on and keep my eye on the prize, which is many summer dates with this little guy!

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