Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Dude was a Dud

More Signs He's Not that Into You:

1. He doesn't tell you that you look nice.

2. He eyeballs the bartender who's young enough to be his daughter.

3. When you exit that night from the front door, he just says, "It was fun." NOT, "That was fun. What are you doing next week?"

4. You text him, "I had a great time! Thanks for taking me out for dinner." And instead of texting, "I did, too. I'll call you later tonight," or "Can't wait to see you again," he only texts, "Thanks!"

5. He makes little eye contact.

6. He looks at his watch more than once.

7. And the finale, when you text him the next day with a simple, "Are you still interested?" He says, "We can maybe go out again sometime as friends. But I just wasn't feeling the chemistry that I need," which is codeword for, "You're too fat."

Yes, he did all the above. It wasn't a bad date. I, in fact, DID feel chemistry towards him. I had a GOOD time. And here's the clencher, we've been talking for almost a month and have tons of things in common. And he certainly was "feeling the chemistry" on the phone. But apparently, the SHOCK and DREAD of seeing a woman who, gasp, wears a size 14 is just too much. After all, a size 12 or 14 is proabably morbidly obsese right? asks Natalie the President of the National Sarcasm Foundation.

Pretty cool, eh?

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