Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Guy

Well, T. said I should write more varied blogs and not write about the opposite sex so much, but she must have forgotten my blog's title "musings over men," "Single." Did Sex and the City ever get old? No. The only thing that got old was that Carrie Bradshaw could eat like a pig and swill Manhattans yet never get any bigger than size 1. THAT got old.

Besides, guess what? There just might be a New Guy, which is always fun, right? Did I mention he was local? My age. Good looking. Sound too good to be true?

It would be--except for one thing.

He hasn't done anything for me to make fun of. No disco hair, no missing teeth, no talking about peeing.

What gives?

Furthermore, he's ASKED to read my short stories. He's read the Cactus Man Trilogy. Katie, who knows him said, "Uh-OH. You had him read that?" But he read it and LIKED it.

What could this mean?

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