Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girdle Anyone?

This is my gut. Not literally. But it might as well be (only maybe an inch bigger). Also notice that there are actually two guts, a top gut and a lower gut.

Jen affectionately calls her lower gut "The Ledge," sounds kinda edgy, huh?

Two Burning Questions!:

1. Why is it that some people (J-lo, Kim Kardashian) get extra booty in their booty, but I get booty in my gut, and why can't this be the new trend? I'd be the next Fashionista!

2. Why is it when you hit perio-menopause this becomes you? Granted, it's in my genes to have a gut. In fact it's a rather alarming tradition in my family on my father's side.

Now before all you naturally skinny people start finger-wagging (T), why is it that ab workouts only make the "booty-gut" turn harder, so that instead of flat abs, you just get "granite-booty-gut"?

3. What other fun perio-menopause goodies am I soon in store for?

Are my feet going to start growing next? (great, I've always wanted to be a size 11)

How about facial hair? Am I going to be sprouting a foo-man-choo by the time I'm 50?

I can't wait!


nate said...

I stand corrected.

Jen affectionately named her gut, "The Overhang."

My bad.

spedtchr said...

granite booty gut!!! Lol!! I was wondering what to call it! And you are absolutely right!