Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Schmalentine

Over-rated, Depressing good ol' VD. Whoops, I meant Valentine's Day.

I went out and had a cup of soup with my ex, (who said he'd pay) then today asked if I could pay him back for the two glasses of wine that he paid for. Apparently, he's low on cash and needs that for gas money this week. I mentioned that he's my ex, right?

To be honest, where men are concerned, I don't think I've ever had a nice, thoughtful, Valentine's. The men either: 1. forget the day entirely 2. somehow talk ME into paying for their dinner or 3. Complain bitterly to me all year that "It's a holiday for Hallmark to make money" then come that day, I found out they've bought themselves some new camping stuff/electric saw/fishing gear for themselves.

Even Cactus Man. When we first met, he bragged about what a considerate man he was towards women during holidays. Yet, he forgot every Valentine's except one: the Valentine's he broke up with me for the first time, then sent me a dozen tulips to show what a great guy he was--Yay!

Oh, the joy.

So I decided two years ago that there would be no more Valentine's Day.

Instead, it's now called "Friends, Pets and Family Day," where you send your sisters and girlfriends cards and candy, and buy your doggie little cookies.

Makes more sense to me. 1. You don't get let down. 2. Your gifts are greatly appreciated and you 3. spend less money.

Cheers to "Friends, Pets and Family Day"!


nate said...

I have to give props here: Thanks to Mo. He made sure I had a nice V-Day one year and sent me the only dozen roses/teddy bear I've ever had. Yay, Mo. A nice friend!

Theresa said...

Marry Mo.

Seriously, TWO YEARS AGO you decided this? For me it's this year been OFFICIALLY 20 (count 'em) TWENTY years. So I was yet a teenager when I came to this wisdom. (or negativity, however you want to slice it).

DUDETTE! Newsflash. If a dude gives you a bouquet of flowers on Vday, it just may mean he's giving you a pile of dog doo-doo the rest of the year. And breaking up w/ you on Vday? Yo. And ALSO sending flowers. Chuck the f'ing flowers and go for the Real.

You can't put frosting on manure and call it a cake. (don't use that line, it's mine ;) AND as you or Judge Judy would say: don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining. Cactus did this. Rather something small and thoughtful. A huge showy pile of bull once a year doesn't make up for a-hole behavior the other 364 days of the year.

nate said...

T, agreed for the most part.

But long, long ago, in a town far, far away, was a little tiny Nate in college, and there was that dude, Paulie, who used flowers as "Thank you for being you," gifts, not, "Hi, I'm Cactus man. I promise I won't pop you, little balloon."

We can't forget the good guys are out there. They're just being held ransom somewhere.