Monday, February 2, 2009

The Pooper Bowl

Does it get any cuter than this? I'm a mommy now. I took the plunge Nov. 23, 2008.

Bennie and I had fun last night watching the Pooper Bowl. Why the Pooper Bowl? Well, it was the Super Bowl, but Ben customized it to fit his own life-style.

For the past three, LONG months, I've been potty-training him to ring the bell attached to a long string on the front door's doorknob when he has to potty. Bichon's aren't much for barking to tell you things. They're quiet dogs. He rings the bell to potty most of the time, and that's great. The only problem is that he also rings the bell when he's bored. How fun for me, right? So sometimes when he's ringing the bell, you don't know if he's serious or just bored.

While Bruce Springstein was playing at half-time, Ben rang the bell. I said, "OK, Ben, let's go potty," and took him out. Well, it was crying wolf because he didnt' have to potty after all. To my immense aggravation, he did this two more times, so when the third time came and he rang the bell I said, "Quit faking it, Ben. Damn it. I want to watch Bruce." So Ben got a "disgrunted with Mommy" look on his face and took a dump in front of the door.

Mommy's fault, obviously. So it went from the Super Bowl, to the Pooper Bowl over halftime. You gotta love a baby Bichon. But potty training ain't fun!

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Theresa said...

Oh, that is hilarious! You just never know when he's crying wolf. What a cutie. My son does the same thing. He always waits till either 1) I've sat down to eat or 2) he's going to bed. Then he says "Mommy! I poopie!" Usually at those 2 times it's the real deal, but sometimes he'll just say it if he wants my attention. Gotta love the passive agressive behavior!