Monday, February 2, 2009

Does this scenario look familiar to you? Is this just me, or does the Mighty Mouse's myopic concerns look a lot like men we've been in relationships with? I can think of the last three men I've known who are like this.

Relationships, and love, for that matter, are about thinking/loving the other person, wanting the best for them, not what they can offer you.

Leslie and I are watching, don't gasp, "The Tool Academy" on VH-1. Yes, I realize it's mind-pollution, but it's sociologically of interest to me. The concept of the show, is that a dozen women who are SICK of their boyfriends' bad behavior, enter them in a charm school for men, to transform them from self-absorbed idiots into kind, caring, stand-up men. Some of the men are un-fixable, have cheated and lied to their women, and they're "Terminated" and kicked out of the school. The better ones go into therapy and the counselors decide which men have made the most progress.

On many levels this is sad: 1. we have a show prostituting men's' bad behaviors? 2. that people watch it for "fun"? 3. that so many women are so sick of being treated badly, that they have come up with a show to illustrate this and reform bad behaviorists.

Sad, isn't it? How about this notion. Men be sweet to your women. Women, quit trying to change men. Wouldn't that be a great world if this could come to fruition?

In the meantime, the show is interesting to watch, so I'll tune in. I guess I'm a full-fledged voyeur, gasping at how awful these men on the show can be and even mortified they'd do this for money.


Theresa said...

I don't watch reality TV for that very reason. Occasionally I do watch Wife Swap though and also once saw the Momma's Boy show where mom's have to approve of their date.A lot of it is just played up for the cameras though.

Theresa said...

OH! And that cartoon is a gas! I may have to borrow it...