Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Book, a Series a Food and a Dude

OK, I thought of a good little game. If you were stranded somewhere indefinitely, and you could only be with ONE man, one book, one TV series and one kind of food, what would you pick and why?

My answers:
One Man--Well, if we're talking reality, it would be Scott because as much as he drives me mad, his mind is brilliant and he's gorgeous to look at so I'd never be bored. If it's fantasy, it's John Corbin for the same reasons.

One Book--It'd be Confederacy of Dunces, hands down. Why? The humor NEVER gets old. And weirdly, in many ways, I identify with Ignatious.

One Food--why that would be cheese of course. Why? It's good for you. You can fix it a million ways. It's delicious and doesn't require refrigeration.

One Series--Northern Exposure. Why? Well, not only was each episode kind of a way to view life, they filmed it on location, and when does Alaska (aka, Washington), ever get old?

So what are yours?


Bellona of Avalon said...

The Complete Poems of Constantine Cavafy

Third Rock from the Sun

Black bean, avocado & chicken nachos

Kyle Chandler, complete with his dark, very sexy scowl, from Friday Night Lights

Theresa said...

One man - there is one, yes!

One Book - never read the Bible, so maybe that. Favorite though is French Lieutenant's Woman. Love Confederacy too of course; I think ALL of us can identify with Ignatious at some point in our lives.

Food - any seafood

Series - Gotta be Cheers, my all time favorite. I have the complete DVD collection!