Monday, February 2, 2009

The Perfect Show and the Perfect Man

Remember this?
Ahhhh, the perfect man. NOT that the perfect man exists, but if he did, (and I'll exclude Scott for a moment), it would be this character from the old show, Northern Exposure.

Chris, what made him perfect? Well, clearly everyone's expectations of perfection differ. Some might find Donald Trump to be the perfect man (ewwww), but here's my qualifications why "Chris in the morning" was the perfect man.
1. Super intelligent. Chris was always reading. ALWAYS reading. And not comic book stuff, but amazing stuff from Thoreau to Emily Dickens, from Terry MacMillian to Updike, from National Geographic to Redbook.
2. He really UNDERSTOOD women. He understood emotions. Emotions to him were natural. Nothing to freak out about.
3. He knew how to dress. Even if it was a flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped out and and old t-shirt, it was slick and well put together.
4. He had cool hair. Nuff said.
5. He was laidback. Nothing sent him over the edge, unless he was stuck in a moment of writers' block. Which leads to . . .
6. He was creative. He could write, speak eloquently, and create sculptures and still earn a living (though he did live in a pull-behind trailor, which wasn't very realistic for allegedly taking place in Alaska).
7. He was nice-n-tall. Who doesn't love a Big Boy?
Ahhh, but it was FICTION. Not reality. And the character was supposed to be the paragon of a man like that, not REALITY. Now that the show's been off the air awhile, and I'm much more mature, I can see that the creators of the show were after utopia.
Everything about the show always centered around achieving some sort of lofty ideal. Not that that's bad. It's admirable, but life rarely gives us perfection nor ideals. Nevertheless, "Chris, in the morning," was the "ideal man."


Boomer said...

He got to be the perfect man again on Sex and the City. Who is that actor?

Bellona of Avalon said...

John Corbett. Who has most recently given up acting for fronting his own rock band called, what else, The John Corbett Band.

nate said...

Boomer, is that you, Denise? LOL. I recognize that face!!

Yup, Bellona. I saw that on Corbett's site. And I kind of dig that. I think it's more proof that he's really grounded, down-home, folksy at times, just like the old Chris character.

Theresa said...

You're right on the money with this one. He IS the perfect man. It's not often you get intelligence and good looks AND him being cool all in one package. He was also in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and was also perfect there!