Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nice and Ugly, or Bad but Gorgeous?

Does the face of good looking also have to be the face of trouble? Why is it the better looking the man, the higher incidence of jerkiness, the higher incidence of "issues," depression, moodiness, whatever? Is this a problem only women have, or is it a problem men have equally?

Does it seem the good looking guys are always the jerkiest, or does this also apply to women as well?

If so, I'm confused. I'm good looking (or so I believe), but I'm not a jerk. Hence the last couple of dates I've been on, have been with nice men, but none of them are good looking nor have this edge (as in above photo), this, handsome-dashing thing going on.

So why did I go on these dates? Because they were "nice guys." But I found myself staring at large noses, non-symmetrical faces and yawning, looking at my watch and thinking that even catching Bennie pooping in the living room was more fun than being on a date with no zip-zip.

Not a good sign, I suppose.

So what gives? Does the person have to have an ugly (or least boring) mug to be "nice"? Are all the nice and good looking ones taken?

What gives?


Theresa said...

Here is one of many theories: because the most successful relationships are the ones where the guy is just a little bit more in love with the woman than the woman is with the guy. This usually translates to the fact that the woman has to be slightly more good looking than the guy.

So yes, we're very good looking. That doesn't translate into good looking guys being our mates though--all it means is if we want success then we'd better end up with men slightly less attractive than we are. The guy always wants/needs to feel he is getting the better deal. If he doesn't, he's flat out never going to be as interested as we'd like.

Bottom line, your best bet is to end up with a guy YOU think is attractive--but it's better if not all the women in the world think the same thing, ya know? If you're into a guy who basically ALL women will find attractive, it's usually harder to for him not to cheat and the woman not to feel insecure.

nate said...

Holy crappers. I hear what you're saying, but your comment here affected me like my posting on publishing affected you. Sometimes ya just can't win, girlfriend. I'll keep fighting the good fight! You, too. We deserve good looking AND GOOD TO US.