Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Yet Another D-bag

That's right, Bennie.

Flush 'em right down the shitter where they belong.

I've met another douche this summer, and we'll call him The Salesman.  Can you believe it?  Online of course.  It started like every textbook online romance.  Staying up hours talking and laughing on the phone.  It started to look promising, though he was going a million miles an hour.

Stop right there.

"Million miles an hour."  Wait, back up.  That is EXACTLY what Cactus Man did.

"Going a million miles an hour" is a BIG, FAT, RED FLAG, folks.  It's also a "Man thing" that a bad man does.  Defined--saying he really likes you TOO SOON, paying you too many compliments TOO SOON and TOO HEAVILY.  This is always the sign of a d-bag.

After phone dating for only 7 days, he wanted to come up here for a long Labor Day weekend date=  RED FLAG.

I told him no but waved it off as a man thing.  Still, the compliments were raining down on me.  "Oh, you're so pretty/talented/funny" etc.  And they were actually making me feel panicky and really uncomfortable (my red flag system screaming at me,"Anyone complimenting you this heavily this soon is a D-bag!").

Then outta nowhere two nights ago, I get a "I'm falling for you" text.

Then just as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared.  But of course, I see him all over POF, the dating site, apparently trolling someone new.  I send him several emails and texts, but pifffft.  Disappeared.  No answer.

Compliments, he was full of 'em.  But then he was in sales.  Yes, stop laughing.  Sales.  So I should have known, right?  I was nothing more than a big sales pitch.

New rule.  No more men in "sales."  You're just nothing but an aquisition, someone to win over, a challenge.

Douche.  What a douchebag.

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