Thursday, August 16, 2012

New D-bags, Dating and Disturbing Dreams

That's me and the big "B," on a road trip!  With my ex, who is seemingly the only man I can trust these days, sorta.  I mean he's sorta trustworthy, way better than most D-bags.  He doesn't throw a bag over my head and push me down the stairs like Hole did.

Man, I've been having some weird dreams lately, no doubt brought on by my shocking experience and the fast "bait and switch" Hole threw at me.  I dreamed I was in jail two nights ago.  Then last night, I dreamed my ex's, ex, had a baby and it came out alien, speaking a language no one understood and shaking all over.  Scary.

Whaz up, Universe?

So I'm meeting some new dudes on a different "paying site," and the universe is spinning fairly intelligent ones my way.  But I'm just about the taking it slow as friends gigs these days.

So far, there's nothing to make fun of in two of the ones writing me, other than the geographical distance separating us.

Which brings up two questions:

What is wrong with Rapid City that there are no decent available men here to date? 


What's up with all the men who get on dating sites but never want to actually meet or date?  It's a little better on the paying site, since they gotta fork over some cash, but not as good as you'd think.

What the hell?

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