Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I was Shitcanned by a Religious D-Bag

After last summer, I decided to not blog about the guys I date, WHILE I am dating them.  Instead, I've decided to blog about them AFTER they've alarmingly misbehaved and disappeared.

I just got shitcanned by a "Catholic" who because I wouldn't sleep with him after a small handful of dates, dumped me after several weeks of exlusive phone and cyber dating.

Might I add he dumped me, AFTER, I met his children and family at his family picnic while he laid down to take a two hour nap, leaving me to entertain his family whom I didn't even know then threw me in his car, drove me over two hours home and dumped me.

Ain't that great?  More later.  I am too upset about this to make fun of it, but you guys know me, and as soon as I can, I will.

In fact, I've made a new rule.  Since I've met so many douchbags, from now on, when a new douchebag has cut out on me, I will send them the link to this site.  Why not?  Besides, a true douche doesn't really care much anyway, right?

What a douchebag.


christopher hastings said...

There needs to be a new website. Whatadouchebag.com

nate said...

Chris. I heart you. I think we should date. I won't blog about what a douchebag you are. I promise (kidding). LOL. XXOO. Let's hang out soon!

Creative Soul Designs said...


Ok, I HATE to be "I told you so" on this one. I knew it would be a prob & you were all, No No, T, it won't. Seriously, I truly wish on this one I had been wrong :(

From someone who has BTDT