Monday, November 21, 2011

Cool Bosses

Cool Bosses.
It's only fair I write about Cool Bosses since I wrote about lame ones, so here it goes.

The 4 Types of Cool Bosses:

1. The Laid Back Task Completer: the LBTC knows the job's gotta get done, no matter what. So that means, he/she jumps right in there and does the work, even if it's peon work, no matter what. It's just "his/her job" in their eyes. I had a boss like this once, and it was heaven.

2. The Cool Taste Boss:
the CTB is generally an aesthetic person. If you read, know what's going on in the world and can do your job, this boss will not only appreciate you, but will compliment you as well. In fact, this boss might even respect your judgement.

3. The Sympathetic Boss:
NOW, it should be noted that sympathetic doesn't mean stoolie or doormat. The SB simply listens, doesn't make judgement calls, just tries to see things from your eyes. SADLY, you'd think this type of boss would be a loyal member of some church (Muslin, Christian, Judaism), but most of the time, they're non-denominational or Atheist. Interesting, huh?

4. The Fair Boss:
This type of boss listens to BOTH sides as judicially as a supreme court judge and hardly ever takes sides. This type of boss doesn't discriminate on things like, a. this person has kids so this worker is better than that stupid worker over there who's single and has no kids b. weight or age, this type of boss would never think, "Let's give our fat/old employee the lamest job, because he must obviously be stupid," or "Let's really screw this employee because he only has an associates degree, not a B.A.

I wish I could say there's more than FOUR DIFFERENT KINDS OF COOL BOSSES out there, but there isn't. If you have a COOL BOSS, try to really revel in that. Be happy. Don't be a micromanaging complainer or nag. Having a COOL BOSS who respects you is truly a gift--from the universe.

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