Monday, May 9, 2011

You've Been Deleted!

This morning, I deleted FIVE male contacts off my cell. The funny thing was two of them, I don't even remember. ALL FIVE were contacts that have only been on my phone over the past year.

The story goes, I meet a dude online, he acts like he's into me, we e-mail, then eventually talk and text. We get along wonderfully, then he just disappears. I've read online that many men and women have complained of this sort of behavior. Sociologists venture that the internet has caused a sort of AADD when it comes to dating. Regarding dating/meeting the opposite sex and having patience to see where it goes, many people just cannot socially stay focused and maintain that goal. So they remain online, sniffing around, continually looking for perfection.

In the old days, IF you got up the gumption to walk over to a girl and ask her out, providing that you two hit it off, things often blossomed into a relationship.

But nowadays, sociologists suggest that for many single people, finding a "newer," "better" guy or gal might only be a click away. And so they click, and click and click away from profile to profile on the internet.

This seems plausible. Of course, this analysis doesn't include me. I'm tired of searching, know what I want and am not constantly trying to "trade up" as I see so many guys online trying to do.

T. and I've also theorized that many men only put up a profile on POF to stroke their own egos, to see who's "viewed them" each day, to see how many women will list them as their favorites, to get a thrill, which is exactly why I've changed my profile to "friends only."

There might be thousands of "serial daters" out there, but chances are if guys are truly looking for friends only, they might be more sincere and patient in their attempts to get to know me. I don't want to waste my time, investing hours in someone who's already clicking around looking for other women.

Just a thought. We'll see how that works for now. What the hell, it can't hurt!

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