Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year's and other Tasty Stuff

Look yummy, doesn't it?

That was my New Year's dinner to myself after skiing yesterday.  Happy New Year!  I MUST say, it was NOT only better tasting than anything I could have gotten going out to eat, but it was healthier, too.  Racking in only about 7 points in Weight Watchers, or about 300-400 or so calories.  Better than going out to eat.

Speaking of going out to eat, Crackie called me last week when I was at Jen's.  I let it go to voicemail, but he never left a message.  Instead, he just called me again after Christmas to see how I was doing and to ask me out for lunch.

I said, "Sure."  But I said it as if someone had asked me if I wanted to fly to the moon. Sure, in theory, it might be neat to fly to the moon.  But I doubt that's ever gonna happen in my lifetime.   In other words, I have very little faith that Crackie  will follow-through with taking me out to "lunch."  In fact, I'll just let my social agenda fill up with plenty of things to do, with or without people.

Then this morning, I thought "How sad is that?"  Not meaning ME, but HIM and others like him.  I think that way because like with most men, and many women, too, sadly, I cannot count on them. 

I was raised that your word is all you have.  Your word is golden.  If you SAY you're going to do something that involves others, you DO IT.  YOU FOLLOW THOUGH, providing you don't get hurt or have mandatory over-time at work.

Most men and women, particularly men, do not stand behind their words.  Cactus used words and was all talk, smoke and mirrors and no substance.

But even fairly nice people, I have found, are full of words that do not contain TRUE action behind them.  From the "Sure, let's hang out next week" to the, "I promise I'll do that with you," to countless un-returned dinner parties invitations and get-togethers, so many people are flaky and inconsistent.

So, that's very nice that Crackie WANTS to take me to lunch sometime.

And I would like to meet George Clooney sometime, but both are unlikely.

So remember folks, when you say you're going to do something with someone or for someone, be very aware of your liklihood and motives behind this. 

Don't offer to do something for someone or hang out unless you're damned sure you're going to do it.

Don't be flaky, or if you're flaky to me, KNOW that I KNOW this.  I won't call you out on it.  But KNOW that I KNOW.

Happy New Year!

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