Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's Day Blues

Well, Valentine's Day was the usual: spent alone with just little Bennie. BUT, I had lobster, wine, and caramels. Yay me! Yay, "Singles Awareness Day!" the acronym S.A.D. Rather befitting.

But I did hear from I. Man. Apparently he's willing to be NON-invisible. However, it's weird when I remember that I used to "like him" like him, if you know what I mean. Potential-mates can be rolled over into the "friends only bin," but it's still strange because the dynamic changes. Yet the other person can be oblivious to this.

Know what I mean?

If you roll someone over into the "friends only bin" the following things change:

1. You do not have to always answer your phone if he/she calls. Only answer the phone if you have nothing better to do. When it's a potential-mate, you leave your life fairly open for them, but if it's a friend-only, its always up to YOU if you want to talk to them.

2. When you DO talk to them, don't chat too long. Potential-mates need to take up room in your head and heart, but not "friends only." Why? It sabotages room for Mr./Ms. Right to come along. Don't let a "friend-only" take up too much room.
When you "like someone" like someone, you're always there when they call (without seeming "too available"). Your door is usually open to them. You almost always want to see them. But once they're in the "fiends bin only," things change.

The lame part is that ex's or would be mates whom you've regulated to the "friends only" bin, don't always know this.

I had this happen to me recently, and the ex was surprised that I hadn't made room for him in an activity, but I was surprised that he was surprised.

Go, sigh, figure

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