Sunday, February 19, 2012

Falsifiers: Guys Who Say They Miss You When They Don't

OK, whatever "heart" I had in me is going back to its protective Agnes Moorhead stance.

This guy, I'd dated back last summer and had started to get serious with, I just saw, happy as a lark on POF, with new pictures.

I THOUGHT, he'd missed me, missed what we had, since I'd gotten these heart felt voicemails, Valentine, etc.

As Jen said, "In HIS mind, you were taking too long to forgive him. Men don't wait around."

Aren't there any men with integrity who want a lasting committment out there anymore? He put on his site, "Just dating, not wanting anything serious."

I guess I don't get it. I tried calling but, you guessed it, it went to voicemail as usual. Because as usual, he was talking on the other line.

I guess I was a sucker to think he wanted my friendship. I tried writing him and asking some real questions like, "What did you want from me back then?" I can understand that more and possibly come to be friends, if I can get an answer to that.

These days a cup of real honesty is all that I want.


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