Friday, October 22, 2010

The Usual Dorks

It's time for a dating update, though I don't have any real news.

Just some interesting musings. As a psychological experiment, I put a new disclaimer on my site. I put that due to the outrageous outpouring of trolls, nerds, not cool guys and just butt-uglies, I was OFF THE MARKET.

I expected hate-mail, duplicitous rants about how I should just be looking for "a nice guy" aka, super ugly and that my priorities were off. Why is it that just homely guys say that? Why is it that a good looking guy never says that?

Well, the exact opposite happened. I have over a dozen emails pouring in. I've not answered any of them, just visited their websites, none of them are cute, of course.

The ones I've read so far have been nice, polite even.

I wonder what this means?

Oh, and who's hot for me these days? Still, the "Secret Gay Guy," the 73 year old, oh and the guy who's president of Narcotics Anonymous.

Whoooooweee hot doggies!

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