Monday, October 25, 2010

Peeing in the Haunted House

Well, Jen and Rob and I went to "Terror in the Dark" or some such thing Saturday night. This wasn't the cheesy one held in the old 4-H barn of the fairgrounds but was some privatized one and absolutely SCARY.

Note to all gals: 1. don't forget to wear a sanitary pad OR make sure you go pee at least ten times before getting admission into the "Haunted House." To make sure there are no embarrassing accidents, Jen and I recommend a sanitary pad to avoid any unnecessary problems. Heh, heh. Read on.

I didn't make a date there with any cute guys in line, or any of the actors dressed up as spooks, but nevertheless Jen could have.

Jen decided that once we hopped up on the "haunted railroad car," supposedly ran by an insane clown, that she would drop a bomb on him.

He was doing a great job at being scary and hollering at us to hunker down on the hay bale provided for us, and it was dark and creepy, and we could hear the screams coming from the other "haunted" rooms. There were things pounding on the door behind us illiciting plenty of screaming on my end.

Jen waited a beat after I finished screaming then said in the dark, "I think I peed my pants."

This broke character to the actor playing the psycho ghost-clown as he belly laughed in broken character and said in an impressive voice to Jen, "You're not even half way through the tour yet!"

I think he was impressed with her comedic timing.

Needless to say, she could have given him her number. Score!!

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