Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Know When You're Healing from a Bad Relationship

How Do You Know When You're Almost Healed from a Past Bad Relationship?


That's how you know. Jen and I play this fun little game every now and then where we come up with metaphors for people we know. We use animals to represent people. If the people are good-hearted souls, they usually get a good animal to represent them and their character. To play, you have to choose an animal that represents their personality, too.

For example, Jen is a dolphin because she loves the ocean and loves to swim, and she's friendly and good-natured. I am a peacock (not necessarily as favorable) because I can be a tad vain and look in the mirror puffing out my feathers.

However, the other day, I asked Jen, what animal is Scott?

She paused before she replied and said, "An animal is too good for him. He's a cactus." We both laughed at this image and how apt it was.

Then, I doodled this comic.

That's when you know you're almost over someone, when you can not only feel pity for them, but can laugh as well.

What animal represents someone from your past? What animal represents you?

Here's to those who've hurt us. May we laugh at them in the end! Cheers!

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A said...

Cheers to you, for getting over Cactus Man!