Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trouble with Trouble


How is it that one man can cause so much trouble? How is it that a man can be so stupid? And finally, why is it near intolerable for a man to admit to a woman that something he did was a trainwreck?

Saying, "I'm sorry," is very difficult for men. To me, that means either excess of pride or sexism. Is it that the man feels that the woman is undeserving of an apology? Just what's up with that?

I recently had a big BOUT of trouble with Mr. Trouble. We ironed it out, and he made me feel much better and we cleared up a VERY ugly Facebook situation, but the bottom line is while my feathers are unruffled, not once did he say, "I'm so very sorry, that . . ."

So why is that? Why can't men apologize easily to the women they love?

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Theresa said...

Well, he didn't say he was sorry because he was not sorry. At least you have to give him that. Most men only say they are sorry if they have the hope of getting laid OR they are REALLY saying, "I'm sorry YOU are so upset by my actions."--effectively putting the whole problem on the woman rather than themselves. Few men can admit they made a mistake.

And if they DO, it's half-hearted, like, "well I was backed into a corner and my hand was forced" or some other BS.

Best case scenario: he is sorry he was CAUGHT, not for the action itself. And if he IS sorry for some action, he wouldn't admit it even to his cat, let alone a woman.