Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Damn good pizza, new dudes and Indifferent Guy

Damned good pizza I made one night last week for JJ and Indifferent Guy.  I invited I. G. over for no hard feelings. You see I had to text him that we were just better off as friends.  He wasn't thrilled about it, but I just couldn't do the "Fade Away" (song Garfunkel and Oates do when women just make themselves disappear if they're not into a guy anymore).  We went shopping together the other day, and tomorrow we're going shopping for me to find a hammock for my side yard, so I consider this being friends.

One of my friends accused me of doing the Fade Away, but I wasn't a few weeks ago.  I was working up enough courage to tell him we would better off friends.  Then JJ thought I should just say, "We're better off as friends." And nothing more, and while that's a good line, what if the guy in question wants an explanation?  I knew he would so I simply said I was not "girlfriend material." 

Because what the hell are you really supposed to say?  I can't say, "Look, it's not you, it's me."  Because it really is him: his effeminate ways, and bad humor, and other things, but I'm not gonna pick.

The bottom line was this, the biggest lesson I learned.

Look, I know back 50+ years ago since the beginning of mankind, women have had to settle.  They've had to marry guys in the olden days where there was no chemistry.  100 years ago, that was common.  Your trade off for no chemistry or fugly was a good provider.

But how can you eventually sleep with someone you're not attracted to, especially since men don't lose their sex drives until late in life, which means having sex with someone you feel no chemistry towards, sleeping with them for years? 

How can you just settle for someone who's simply NICE?

Isn't there more to that?  And can you be just friends with a guy who likes you more than that?

More later.  And there's possibly more dudes on the horizon.

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