Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Just Friends"

Randomly, because I'm an idiot and don't have any of my pictures labeled, I just hit a random picture from my "vacation pics" jumpdrive and post whatever picture comes up.

In this case, a safe.  Perfect.  The connection?

I'm only "safe dating" these days.  As in, not dating at all, just trying to make male friends.  You can set your site to "friends only," and that's how I've had one of my sites set for 2 years.  As a result, most men don't write you.  But never say never, because I've met TWO dudes recently who seem fairly nice lately, and one of them even lives in town.  One is even slightly attractive!

Oh, and there's the wealthy southern gentleman still writing me from Casper, WY.  Did I tell ya about him?
I had to kick the Wyoming-Artist to the curb before even meeting him, more later.

Let's discuss the guy from Casper.  Firstly, he says he's "20-30 lbs. oveweight" but then in his pictures he sends me, it looks more like 75lbs-100lbs. overweight.  Uhmm.  Does he think I might not notice?  Isn't that a bit like if I were only 4'2" tall e-mailing some guy that I'm a "little on the short side"?

Secondly, what's with guys who try to get romantic with you when they've not even met you yet?

"Hey, whazz up?" I texted the Southern Gentleman from Casper, WY last month.
"Not much," he texted back.
"Great weather hopefully coming up," I texted back.
"Yes, and I can't wait to meet you soon."  So far so good, right?
"Me, too."
"Don't take this wrong, but I can't wait to hold you, to kiss you, and smell the back of your neck which will smell like rain," he texted back.


We've only had a few phone dates and texts.  Yet, I keep encountering this, and so will you, (my single friends) UNTIL you set your site to "friends only."

Now, setting your site to "friends only" has many drawbacks:
1. Lots of morbidly-obese guys write you.
2. Lots of super lonely guys who live in their grandmothers' basements write you.
3. Needy guys with ZERO friends write you.
4. Ex-cons write you.

However, there are a few upsides:
1. No stupid romantic flirting when they don't know you.
2. No stupid shirt-less pictures.

and the biggie . . . .
3. They actually want to get to KNOW you, the real you, the "without-make-up" you.

The one guy, whom we'll call Asst. Principal is really nice and slightly cute.  He's an asst. principal at a high school about an hour from here and fairly fit looking and would like to hike with me next month.  Very nice.  No pictures of his willy or jackassery shirtless pic, no douchey-romantic talk either.  The other guy I'll call Computer Guy, has several degrees in computer science.  Hell, if anything, he can give my Netbook an upgrade.

Remember, "just friends" wink.  More later.

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