Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cute Wyoming Artist Cowboy Singer

Nothing says cute like this little singin' cowboy I met at rally last year.

Unless it's this  CUTE Wyoming, has-a-good-job-artist-musician that I've met.

He has this beautiful, boyish side to him, who keeps charming me.  When he sings to one of his guitar songs and dedicates it to me, he reminds me of a young Elvis without all the drama.  So dag-gummed nice--OMG, I just said that?  I keep wondering, when's the other shoe gonna drop?  When am I gonna find out he has a major mental illness, or an addiction, is a midget, missing teeth, right wing nut job?

But church, morals, his family mean something to him.  This would normally remind me of self-righteousness, people who deem, aesthetics, art, philosophy, hipness, counter-culture, to be sinful.  But he just strikes me as, well, genuine, and kind, and I don't run into that much anymore.

The plot thickens.  And I'm intrigued.  Stay tuned.

Don't worry.  Things won't get boring, and Deadwood Dick is still texting me entertainingly stupid texts, so there's enough braying donkeys, myopic sots, and other Tom Fooleries in my life to keep everything comical. I've got your backs, kiddies.

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