Saturday, December 28, 2013

Does he like you or does he LIKE you?

Ho, ho, ho.  Happy holidays, bloggers!

 Here's a thought for the year's end . . .



After so long being single, you begin to wonder if it even matters anymore, and you begin to think it doesn't as you measure up your future to what it would be like living with your mother when you're old, in a sort of Grey Gardens kind of way.

That is until you find attraction again.  And not that settling shit I see so many people do.  But real, raw, attraction.

And maybe, just maybe, that glint in his eye is really for YOU.  You even look over your shoulder assuming that wink was for someone else, but there's no one behind you, so maybe he really does like you, or maybe he just had a hair in his eye.  Maybe it's all in your head, because you WANT that person to really be into you.

In that case, what if it was all in your head, and what if it's not reciprocal?  I have had one friend go spiraling off the universe for someone who was just not that into her; this has happened twice with two different friends.

Still life has these complications--where maybe it's possible.  No, Crackie hasn't been in town.  He bailed on coming to see me at the eleventh hour last week.  That dog don't hunt anyway.

But there IS someone I feel chemistry for, someone in the shadows, someone who's even been around a while.  But like the theme of this blog, how do you know if it's even reciprocal?

Only time will tell, but until then, it's key to stay UN-delusional and centered.  Stay tuned.  Keep your head about you.  Stay Calm and Carry On.  Forward, ho!

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