Friday, November 23, 2012

Disappearing into a Man: Why Do Women Do This?

I've noticed that many women, when they start dating and find a man, disappear into that man.  They lose themselves into that man.  Their friends start to see them less and less.  The woman's old habits and routines start to disappear as his routines and life are slowly absorbed into hers.  lnadvertantly, they lose themselves entirely.

I've noticed this for years.

Sadly, I've only known three women, out of dozens and dozens who do not disappear into a man.  They are the exception to the rule. 

Consequently, this was for many years,  the chief reason I never wanted to marry.  I never wanted to become one of these women.  I find it disgusting and entirely disappointing.

Why does this happen?  What does this say about the women's movement and the progress we've made?  It kind of shoots us back to 1930, doesn't it?

Yeah, we've gotten the right to vote, serve in the military, own property, but when I see women do this, I feel sickened.  Why do women feel so desperate to find a mate, then turn around and lose themselves?

I see it over and over and over and over again.  I wish I could be proven wrong, but I see it so much, I have no other recourse but to see that most women are no where as independant as they'd like to view themselves.  This leads to the fact that when they deny they do this, they are entirely delusional.

This character flaw that women have is one reason I do not have that many women friends and have several men friends.  Because men DO NOT DISAPPEAR INTO A WOMAN.  They maintain their "self" with or without a woman.

More later.  Happy T-day, and I'll speculate more about this later.  Keep your heads up!

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