Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Talkeetna, Alaska: The New El Dorado

As a writer and traveler, this is my newest obsession. Some people get obsessed with a hobby or a new love, but I get obsessed with places. How'd I find this completely out of the way new place?

I read somewhere that one of the writers/creator of Northern Exposure was charmed, (or as writers often get) obsessed with this place and it was the inspiration for the show. They weren't able to film there though due to location and the fact that half the year it would have been probably pretty cost prohibitive, so they chose the next best thing: Rosyln, Washington. ONLY, Rosyln is slowly turning into a bedroom community to Seattle. Of course, to artists like me, that kills its initial charm.

But Talkeetna is only close to one thing: Denali. And that's about it. It's about a two and a half hour drive from Anchorage, a little far to be a bedroom community.

BUT, look at this view: http://www.talkeetnachamber.org/

As with all cool places, I have no idea what a person might do to earn a living out there as there'd not be the good paying jobs a metropolis offers.

But an obsession with something is what every good writer needs. Every obsession I've had, I've turned it into art. I'm rolling it around in the back of my mind for a novel since I've finished my last one and am only doing the last revisions before submitting it to agents this summer.

Say you have a village of eccentrics, and maybe you base the novel around a group of writers who've formed their own writing circle who also feature as characters in the novel. It's churning in my mind.

I think I'm on to something. But then my feet get to itching as Rapid City is developing so fast. I get to thinking I might have one more, big last move. But I wouldn't want to do it alone. Maybe some day. Maybe indeed. If not, I've got my next novel in the "thinking stage" which only lasts a few months, then I start hammering something out.

Alaska, the final last frontier. Ahhhhhhhh.

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