Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is it a Her or Him?

SHIM--a person whom you cannot tell what gender they are by just looking at them. According to old Saturday Night Live skits, this is also known as a "Pat."

OK, so Bennie and I were out walking in the glorious park we are so fortunate to have when we spotted a "Shim." Setting all PC aside, and not trying to be an ass, but what gives when you can't tell someone's gender? I know our looks cannot be avoided, but still, what gives?

Now, I know I look pretty rotten without makeup. In fact, if I wear a cap, no makeup, let my hair get really scraggly and dirty, and don a pair of big coveralls, I myself, might be mistaken for a shim.

Again, I apologize for being non-pc, but do shims want to look genderless? Or is this a sort of Ausberger's Disease of Fashion?

I think sometimes the smallest tip off helps, a barette, a pink accessory, a girlish neckline.

I'm perplexed.

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