Friday, June 3, 2011

Hitting the Road, Baby!

Our annual "City Slickers" trip is back on. Every year, Doooder and I do up a big camping/hiking/cultural expedition of the West. This year it was canceled due to Doooder having conflicts, but NOW it's back on--whhoooeee! Frantically, we pondered where we'll go. Utah? Idaho? The Pacific Northwest? Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona?

But now we've nailed it: Provo, Utah; Green River, WY; and Steamboast Springs, CO.

She plans the hikes/camps, and I plan the cultural end (museums, pubs and dive bars!). That's so me, fill the brain with a museum, buy a book, then hike and sweat, then have a brewski!

I researched 7 small and quaint museums, 2 dive taverns, and one pizzeria voted the best in Utah.

Ya gotta love Yelp! That's how I roll. I'm there under Nate W's, the Groovy One, yelping and reviewing places and you can learn a boatload on there.

So I'll let everyone know how it all goes! Yeeeehaw!

Colorado is my favorite place by FAR! Ironically, we're driving right by that pinhead who used to write me and lives in Kremmling, CO. You'd have to go back to last summer (or was it the summer before) to those blogs to find out whom he was.

Ahhhhhh, campside fires, reading, coffee, brewskis. Who can ask for more?

Colorado, here I come. "Rocky Mountain High!"

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