Friday, April 23, 2010

Liar Competition

Oh, boy! Cactus Man outdid himself. I found out he's dating someone new, the entire time he was recently sexting me. No doubt lying to her and telling her she's "the only one" for him.

He's a real whiz, that Cactus Man.
So a friend of mine went online and did a little investigatory work and found out that Cactus Man is dating a woman who was brought to court in a large case of auto-sales fraud. Then she found some pictures of her. She looks like a transgender at 6'2" and has suspiciously large looking adam's apple.

She also found out that Cactus Man was already sexting other women while he was already dating "the one." Let's just say he's the father of all dogs.

I can't believe I dated this pinhead.

I've got to get some better luck now after the Karma Dogs straighten out the universe after this trainwreck of man has finally gotten the last boot from me.

Let's cheer to Cactus Man finally exiting stage left! I'm going to a "How to Frame a Healthy Relationship and How to Recognize an Unhealthy One and Get Out" workshop tomorrow, none too soon.

There will NOT be another Cactus Man. Not if I can help it!


Theresa said...

Small Freudian slip: "Let's cheer to Cactus Man finally existing stage left!"

I hope you meant "exiting" not "existing"...

nate said...

EEEKS. Will change anon!!

A said...

I love your snooping friend, whoever the dear gal is! Clearly Cactus Man's taste has gone way downhill in both the looks and brains dept.

Mo said...

hmmmmm...."How to Frame a Healthy Relationship and How to Recognize an Unhealthy One and Get Out" That is a tough one. It is so easy to get fooled no matter how smart (or experienced) you are. I am finally getting the "get out" part down - at the risk of being called a commitaphobe. You should remember one - you were there when she called.

Mo said...
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nate said...

Hmmm. I remember that crazy girl texting you and harassing you while you were here. Eeeks. Maybe she's a long lost cousin of Cactus Man's?