Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Friendship and Being Cranky

My Quiet, Groovy, Life.  Happy with my alone time, sitting at Indy's yesterday after three hours at the gym, and getting ready to go home, have some wine, listen to Prairie Home Companion, and bliss with my dog.

But I am different.  I view friendships differently because I am SINGLE and not ashamed.

If you're single and friends with single people, there's a sort of a Democracy going on.  It goes like this:

"Hey, man, you wanna hang out Saturday?"
"Sure what were you thinking of doing?"

And it sort of goes from there.  But I've noticed things different with my neighbor whom I'm friends with.

"Hey, girl I've been thinking about you.  Let's hang out."
"Dude, I've not hung out with you in over a year, but OK.  What looks good to you?"
"Well, hubby will be out of town, so I was thinking . . ."

Did I mention that she ONLY wants to hang out, when her husband is out of town?  When he was stationed in Iraq, we hung out all the time, but the minute his ship landed, and he was back, GONE-O.

Whenever I get STUCK at the gym watching (the worst cooking show, ever), Ree Drummond's Life at the Ranch, or whatever the hell the backwards show is called, I'm reminded of my neighbor and other women like her who completely disappear into their man, and think doing so is super neat.  Ree thinks she's the head of the household, calls herself a "Writer" whatever!  Ree, your husband runs the show because basically, you DO NOT WORK, and he pays all the bills!  You are a glorified housekeeper, cook.

Likewise, my neighbor thinks it is sort of cute that she asks, like asks for permission from her asshat husband, to hang out with me, on the rare occasions that we do hang out, even though "hubby" (anyone who says that word around me will be shot) is out of town.  Patriarchy gone bad, let me tell you.  And every other gawd damned sentence is, "Well HUBBY thinks" this or that, as if he's gawd himself, and this is only because he is a man.

It's like some women glorify men, or maybe I just have a shitty attitude.  But I have NEVER disappeared into a man, nor would I respect or want a guy who's disappeared into me.  You have to have your OWN life. 

Speaking of men, what's going on here?  Not much.  (Crickets chirping) Cowboy-artist is still texting me.  I'm wondering if we are ever going to meet or if it's that fantasy thing that so many guys do where they just text (you never wind up meeting them), shrug.  No news from Deadwood Dick, but I am getting an occasional text from the cute car salesman in town, but it seems the timing is off.  Hipster has disappeared from the radar.  BUT, I spent about 45 min. talking to Shawn-the-cute-guy-from-the-gym at Paddy's.

He's cute.  I'm friends with his best friend's niece.  He's educated.  But I'm approaching it as a friends-only thing, because I can't figure out if he has a girlfriend or not.  So best not get hopes up.

So pretty quiet around here, UNLESS Cowboy-Artist comes into town this weekend, so stay tuned.

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