Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Friend's Obnoxious Spouse

Ho, ho, ho. I was feeling the merriment, but not so much right now.

I had to be mean to a friend over the holidays but for only one reason. Her husband is an asshole, and I didn't want to, under any circumstance, want to be around him.

In a way, I can understand her position. Say it worked out with me and Cactus Man. Say he moved here.


I would lose all my friends. JJ, Paulie, Leslie, Rob, Dooooder, Bassy-gas, everyone would be like, "I cannot stand that asshole she's with, and he's ALWAYS around." Consequently, if I stayed glued to his side, I would imagine everyone would start disappearing.

Which leads me to this philosophical concern.

Do you have to accept all of your friends' spouses? If you do NOT, where do you draw the line?

Pretty much nowadays, ALL my friends are single. Even Dooooder, is going through a divorce. I don't have any friends, other than my sister who are part of a "we," "couple," "ONENESS."

But what do you do if one of your few married friend's spouse is a real asshole? I don't mean just a buffoon, but someone who's aggressive, nasty, unpredictable, mean, and disagreeable? Add to that, gets even worse when he/she drinks?

What do you do?

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